The Must

In this category you find our

creations most beautiful and valuable, to shape
these objects are needed skilled hands and a
artisan knowledge that
handed down from generation to the other

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  • Flowers

    Objects and gift items in
    flower arrangements The flowers are entirely
    worked by hand petal by petal damage
    freshness to the environments and are well

  • Fruit

    Fruit centerpiece in fine porcelain shiny Capodimonte

  • Animals

    doves in porcelain decorated

    with assorted flowers

  • jewelry

    In this section you will find our collection of necklaces in refined rosy porcelain Capodimonte, executed entirely by hand by skilled artisans, accompanied by satin lanyard pencil case and jewelry

  • Porcelain Pictures

    The style of the classical undisputed, pictures with interiors decorated with Capodimonte porcelain and very precious wooden frames

  • new trends

    Useful items as perfumers colored vases in candle holder with flower boxes, jewelry, favors for ceremonies. The passion and the continuous search for new trends are our trademark

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Showing 1 - 12 of 218 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 218 items